Get Involved

Proyecto Faro is grateful for the many individuals and organizations making our work possible. And there’s much more to be done. If you would like to participate, there are several ways:

  • Volunteer at our monthly legal clinics.
  • Are you a lawyer or do you know one who may be interested? We’d love help at our clinics or taking a pro bono or low bono case. Be in touch.
  • Spread the word about our legal clinics and accompaniment work. Follow us on Facebook and share our posts. Point people to this website.
  • Share our Rapid Response Hotline (845) 262-9586 on social media. Perhaps you’d like to join the Rapid Response Network.
  • Accompany immigrants on their challenging journey dealing with detention. Visit someone in detention or offer transportation and support when someone visits a detained loved one or attends court. Gather food, clothing, and other donations. Provide guardianship to a minor. 
  • Offer a temporary stay in your home for a housing-insecure individual or family while they take steps toward independence.
  • Encourage friends, schoolmates, family members, or fellow congregants to become involved with our work.
  • Host a fundraiser.
  • Donate! We want to expand our reach and effectiveness and your contribution of any size makes a huge difference.

Find out more: (845) 262-9586 or