Legal Empowerment Clinic

Proyecto Faro holds its legal clinic via a hybrid model –in person and online on Zoom. It takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. We work with trusted volunteer attorneys who will consult with you at the clinic. However, currently, we don’t have attorneys who can fully represent you. To attend, please write to us with the words “Legal Clinic” in the subject or body of a message to or Facebook or call (845) 244-1026. Spanish and Haitian creole interpreters are available.

Knowledge is power! Our legal clinics are participatory and focus on empowerment through sharing knowledge. We believe each immigrant not only can and must be an expert in their case, but that taking charge of one’s case results in the best outcomes. The clinics are not simply a space where lawyers provide services to “clients.” Immigrants themselves coordinate the trainings and trained volunteers do as much work as possible in close advisement with ally lawyers.

The clinics educate people 1-1 and demystify the law so we can use it as a tool to assert control over our lives. The clinics contribute to ending abuse and theft practiced by unethical lawyers with respect to vulnerable members of our communities.

Image: Shaun Slifer courtesy of Just Seeds

The clinics highlight and help prevent unethical legal practices. We will assist people to report unethical lawyers and seek remuneration where applicable.

The vision of this clinic is for immigrants and non-immigrants to work together to build a safe community for everyone. We hope you will return again either to continue working on your own case, or to help others work on theirs.  Many people who come seeking support come back in the role of volunteer to pass on what they have learned to the next person.