Our spring and early summer have been very busy– so busy we’re only now getting around to sharing the wonderful news that Proyecto Faro received our 501c3 non-profit status in May! This means any of you who have made donations directly to PF since last September will be able to include those gifts in your charitable giving when you file your taxes. And for any of you who have been waiting for us to be granted our 501c3 to make a donation, please become a monthly sustainer or renew your recurring gift. Now is the time! 

Here are some exciting updates about our work:

  • We recently received a re-grant from the NY Immigration Coalition to bolster our mutual aid food distribution program, enabling us to support more of Rockland’s immigrant families dealing with food insecurity each month; 
  • Our Community Fridge Project has begun, with the Seed Church of God in Pomona hosting the first of what we hope will be a handful of refrigerators at which people can can easily pick up fresh food and provide food to those in need; 
  • We’ve been working on an education justice campaign in East Ramapo, pressing the superintendent and NY state education commissioner to prioritize monitoring attendance and following up on the hundreds of children, many from immigrant families, who were absent from school this year; 
  • Maria Moronta, a staff member of the Family Resource Center, has been assigned to work directly with Proyecto Faro for 25 hours a week to ensure basic needs of immigrant children and their families are met so these young people can succeed in school; 
  • PF has begun hosting periodic “Free Store” events, at which we give away gently used furniture, clothing, household goods, and toys. The Free Store provides immigrants with items they need but can’t afford while giving allies in the community a chance to show solidarity by donating gently used item; and 
  • We are planning to support immigrants in applying for NY state’s for Excluded Workers Fund and rental assistance.

There’s so much work ahead – to make Rockland and the U.S. a safe and just place for immigrants to survive and thrive. We hope to bring another full-time staff member onboard soon to help us strengthen the administrative and technological aspects of our community organizing efforts.

In honor of our four year anniversary, a generous donor offered us a $15,000 challenge grant. If we get 40 people to either become monthly sustainers (at any amount) or make one-time gifts of $500+, we will receive this grant. We are now 10 people away from meeting our goal and hope you can help us unlock this gift!

Undocumented neighbors have told us over and over that our efforts have broken through their feelings of isolation and fear and given them hope.

We’re very happy our work is providing Rockland’s immigrants with a greater sense of trust, belonging, and community. Your support enables us to continue with this work. Please make a sustainer pledge or one-time gift today!