Organizing & Education

Proyecto Faro is currently organizing with immigrants in Rockland on two campaigns:

PF views its work as community or grassroots organizing. Unlike most charity or social service efforts, organizing is about providing opportunities to learn and share information, build power, and make change. Building community power initially requires relationships of trust. The means by which Proyecto Faro builds trust with immigrant communities is by addressing immediate needs and challenges through legal clinics, accompaniment, material support, educational events, and the development of a strong solidarity network. As more people act in solidarity and demonstrate commitment, reliability, and respect for immigrant leadership, we help lay the foundation to act together and represent a meaningful set of alliances and communities, ultimately creating a base of power. This may mean ICE will have a harder time preying on people and this may mean we can help pass the Immigrant Protection Act, legislation for Rockland to be a sanctuary community, which the Rockland Immigration Coalition has been working on. The stronger our bonds and the greater our unity, the more we can change!