Raise Funds for Proyecto Faro

Do you appreciate Proyecto Faro’s work and vision and wish you could help us do even more? Why not organize a fundraiser?

People should never worry about or feel bad about asking people for money. You are not begging or “asking for help” as much as giving people an opportunity to express their values. When you ask people to donate to a meaningful project, you are providing a way they can participate and feel involved in something they care about, even if they don’t have a lot of time or energy. Here are some ideas for a fundraiser:

Organize a community event to benefit Proyecto Faro. Do you know musicians? Organize a concert and have people donate to attend. Do you know artists or crafts-people? Plan an auction or an arts-and-crafts fair and have the artists donate all or a portion of the proceeds.

Do you know people who have businesses or are creators who make something special? Ask them to donate services or products and organize a raffle.

Host a house party. Serve food and drink, show a film, or have some fun activity. We can send someone to speak about Proyecto Faro’s work for a few minutes and you can make a pitch or pass the hat.

Organize a Bowl-a-thon, Game-a-thon, Dance-a-thon, or a run (e.g. a 5K race). Individuals and teams can get friends and family members to sponsor them to meet a goal.

Let us know how we can help you organize a fundraiser for Proyecto Faro. We’re so grateful for your support! Contact us at (845) 262-9586 or info@proyectofarorockland.org.