Romero Housing Circle

Housing insecurity is a serious risk for immigrants who are unemployed, underpaid, facing detention, being released from detention, and for those whose family members have been detained or deported. When a breadwinner or someone who had been earning much of the rent is suddenly arrested or deported, families can easily be made homeless.

The pain and many challenges of having a loved one taken away are already tremendous. To then lose shelter is incredibly dangerous and scary. Proyecto Faro is building the Romero Housing Circle to provide temporary housing for people who end up in this very difficult situation.

There may also be a need to shelter people released from detention, and those who wish to enter sanctuary instead of cooperating with an unjust and abusive system.

Inspired by the Romero House in Toronto, Canada, we aim to build a network of individuals and families in Rockland who can temporarily take in immigrant individuals or families unable to afford their rent due to detention, deportation, or the risk of detention. Proyecto Faro will provide funds for food and other expenses, along with a support system to help plan next steps (e.g. employment and finding a permanent, affordable place to live, or a longer-term home-stay).

Are you in need of this kind of support? Are you able to host someone in need who is? Please be in touch with us.

Image:Dave Loewenstein courtesy of Just Seeds